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hit the counter peeps

Midterm holiday..yippie....This holiday are filled with trips.Good time for hunting some dresses and do some shopping.
Well, Loreal products can be found almost every where.From shopping markets on the shelves or kioks counter we can actually find any of the product that we wish to purchase.
Normally I will have lunch at Jaya Jusco with my friend and will do some window shopping or just walking around to spend the free time. Thus the picture I took is a counter in (JJ).Very easy to spot the counter.See it stated LOREAL so huge.eazy to spot right.

This is the tester that allows customer to try on. If there's any doubt, there is a consultant to guide.
After wondering around JJ, I head of to Watson to get some travel kit stuff for the midterm holiday travel and I found this on the shelves which on promotion.All the while I've been posting most of products for women and this time for the guys out there THIS IS FOR YOU!!!!!check it out.

Loreal men product range

The mosturizer that smell so nice that even I myself felt in love with it.Orangy smell and goes well on your skin.Basicly tried it on my hand.~winks~Got some good reviews from our clasmate as well.


Written on Friday, March 27, 2009 at 12:53 AM


the waterproof make-up remover

Every cosmetic applied on our skin must be removed.Hence introducing the Make-up remover from Loreal. From my previous post, [if you have read] the mascara can only be removed by waterproof make-up remover.Thus, here is a example of remover that cleans off your make up in instants. Just like "Maggi mee" very fast.

A simple way to use the remover,just shake well and use it on eyes and lips with a cotton pad.Basicly it instantly remove the most tenacious make up....specially waterproof make-up and it is suitable for sensitive eyes also. Smell also not bad.very nice smell and it's the best make up remover I tell you. Afterall, It is not as expensive as you think it would be.Basicly is around RM20+.


Written on Sunday, March 15, 2009 at 10:37 PM


Please use water proof mascara

Been a wonderfull week I'll say. Its been a last minute called from a friend whom offered me an extra ticket to the Jason Mraz concert on 4th March. It's a free standing that cost RM 258 which I got it slightly cheaper. It been a great experience and as well as a well deserve birthday present that I presented to myself as an advance birthday present.Jason Mraz rocks the night.

However, I notice that girls out there been using mascara which is not waterproof and when during the concert which filled with many people and crowded as it can be it tends to be all sweaty and hot thus all the make up turns bad with mascara's melted like an ice cream. Such an ugly scene to look at and I suggest whenever you guys looking forward to go over a concert please do apply a water proof mascara to prevent it from melting all over ur eyes/face.Hence we can enjoy the concert and you girl can 'jaga imej'.Moral lesson always use water proof makeup.
Why don't try the Panoramic Curl Waterproof Mascara by Loreal Paris.

The waterproof formula curls and seperate lashes to the extreme and it can holds up to 8 hours curl and seperate lashes 360ยบ, creating the ultimate eye-opening panoramic lash effect

Or on the other hand, why not try the new :

Lancome Oscillation Mascara (RM120)
The Lancome Oscillation Mascara comes in a nondescript looking black mascara tube. You can open it up and use it just like any normal mascara. The secret lies in the little button on the cap.

You can use this mascara like any normal mascara or you can press the button to oscillate the mascara head to order, to coat your lashes as thickly as you want and to give you the volume and length you desire. Or you can mix and match for maximum effect.

The Lancome Oscillation Mascara launches in Malaysia in April 2009 but will go on presale on Feb 4 at Isetan KLCC by prior booking. Only 400 pieces are up for preview grabs and the mascara will retail for RM120.


Written on Sunday, March 8, 2009 at 4:00 PM


The Mirage- Shu Uemura

Introducing The Shu Uemura new collection " The Mirage". 'Mirage is an optical phenomenon that creates illusion. The foggy pastel colors and the misty shadow will influence each other and thus harmonize to epmhasize the definition of your face.
It's the collection of spring/summer 2009 Mode make-up suitable for all the ladies out there.

Apply Drawing pencil light blue to eye lines then apply eyeshadow palette (EP) Blue over the same area. Apply EP Brown on eyelid focusing on the outer corner, to further emphasize the natural dimension of you eyes. Add EP Green on the protruded areas of your eye to heighten the dimension.

Use Silhoutte Defining Colors (SDC) Misty Glow, the base around eye ares and the powder on top of eyehole.

Apply SDC Orange Phase, the base on lower part of cheek bone and the powder widely over the area of lower cheek bones to enhance dimensionel silhoutte of the cheek. Apply Rouge Unlimited BG934 evently to create base color. Take a small amount of Lip Duo Tint & Gloss lip color and pat with your finger onto the middle part of lip, and apply the gloss color.


Written on Sunday, March 1, 2009 at 2:39 PM