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Warehouse sales Loreal

Heloo peeps, this might be the last post for the semester.Anyway, hope you guys really enjoy reading it or at lease it gave a lil' of information just for the knowledge of everyone.

This post would be about the past Warehouse Loreal sales which held on 19th March and 20th March 2009 at 2nd Floor Wisma MCA, Jalan Ampang, Kuala Lumpur, basically for 2 days discounted ended sales.It started from 11am till 7pm. All customers are limited to purchase only up to 5 items per person. This are mainly for all types of products which includes consumer,professionals and luxury product but there are more range of consumer products compare to luxury products.

The lastest Warehouse sales are more focus on the luxury products.It starts off at 10am - 7pm on 25th of April 2009 at the Orchid Grand Ballroom,Level 2, Jln Sultan Ismail,50250 KL and it is an One day sales.Among the brands are on sales are Lancome, Biotherm, Shu Uemura, Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani, Cacharel, Guy Laroche.

I want this.....

Unfortunately, I couldn't make it for the sales on the 25th due to the Prom on the same day.If there is an opportunity, I think I'll go shopping spree over it for the 1 day sales.Well, aiming for Lancome Magnifique perfume.....Anyone getting it for me....???'hinting'...LOL

PS: Jason, Finally post bout the warehouse sales d.Too bad that day got prom.Cant go grab thingy d.huhuhu


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The Birthday that brings pieces into 1

It's a celebration..yeah...I know.I'll make a pretty simple post on this.Well,Yesterday we had a celebration which in Station1 to celebrate my birthday which falls on the public holiday so it's a time to have a drinking session.I know, we youngs one are not encourage to drink that much and yet I still do.

Part of the drinks.

While was ordering drinks, then I realise something was in one of my friends bag and it was a night serum for dry hair.It wasn't heavy to carry around and it is convenient to place it in a bag while on the go.Thus, it came cross my mind,"Eh,this week post I not yet do."So I quickly grab my camera and took a picture of it. See, even during a celebration also can think of Assignment post.Efficent right...hahaha{So SS(shiok sendiri)}.

See the product not the drinks.

The product is for those who have pretty much dry or damage hair caused by the frequency of loving to dye/colored their hair with all sort of different hair dyes.{just like me},But my hair wasn't in the worst condition yet.choi...choi....So it help to make our hair looks more healthy-in terms (not so dry lah) and better still can style our hair make it don't look like a crazy woman with the hair messy"as if having a real bad hairday".LOL.

Finally the drinks came and we drank happily ever after.The end.Enjoy our Crazy moments.
Ps: Thanks to all darlings and the crazy people who are sporting enough to play the drinking game.


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scrub those dead cells away

This is my 9th posts if I calculated it correctly...Har maybe I just did. Real sorry for the late post due to the hectic week of midterms and quizes.

Well, from the previous post as you can see, I focused more on Consumer products compare to the Professionals and Luxury products because, Yeah I know that not many of us could afford it as it might be alil too expensive and thus I change the direction of post to more on consumer products. Happy right you guys, no more so-called 'expensive' products D.But once in awhile I will update on those products. At lease you guys will notice the existent of it lah.

Back to the story, I shall bring up the consumer product of the day which is the Garnier Body Light Exfoliating Srcub. One day while I was wondering around in somewhere in a shopping mall, then my bestfriend pass me a guardian voucher which contain that particular Garnier product.Can save Rm 4 if present that coupon.He pass it to me out of bluemoon.So I took it la right.People give d,take only.So then I realise, the product not bad can buy, cause the net price is about Rm19.90 and with that voucher save another Rm4.So its like 'worth it'.

The product and the voucher.Can buy more....

Ok, basicly I realise it contains sugar which is much much better than salt scrub(because sugar is more gentler and less dehyrate your skin compare to salt scrub),got Lemon Essence which smell so so nice and it helps in removing your Super Dead Cells on Your body surface. When you apply,FUh the lemon smell so nice till feel like craving for Lemonande but have the soappy smell.LOL...

The best part is it is easy to use.Just lather well and wait for some time la then only rinses it off. After using it ,I feel that our skin is more smooth.Guess dead cell all washed away.....

Tips of the day: Use twice a week on wet skin.Apply on circular motion and concentrate on areas which is prone to dryness (ankles,knees or feet).


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brand new hairdo

Back to reality holidays are over and midterms came pouring in,well including the IT quiz.Holidays been great and as well as not so great.(not 2 mention here).
During the holiday, back to Johor for some prayers( those Chinese thingy) so left no choice to drive up but my aunt been so nice to sponsor my hairdo.Did some treatment and change my golden hair color to something darker like Burgundy( red wine color) using Loreal products.I'm loyal to their hair color for your info.Too bad I cant get the color picture in the saloon because I'm busy with my hair,forgive me. They are using a tube color by any chance hard to get the color code too.Never the less, I've snap a picture after the treatment and hairdo.Oklah, look at the hair only ....[muka jangan lah tengok,muke baru bangun tido]so shy..lalalalala.........Sorry la kan......I'm so gettin used of speaking malay til my blog also I posted some malay words hope You guys don't mind.Miss Christine, you wouldn't mind don't ya!!!!!If you guys mind then feel free comment la on the box or the chatter box.......I terima dengan hati yang amat terbuka sekali.

To maintain the hair color i suggest that one should use the color shampoo. Basically, I'm using the Loreal color lock series which the red ones. They have 3 different color which for different types of hair and red is for colored hair.

First from the right is the shampoo, hair serum,conditioner and the below is the hair mask.Normally the mask and serum we can do it bout twice a week for more shiny looking hair as well as to repair the damages that happens to it while we were expose to the Uv rays.Nevertheless,It's all about maintaining.

Ps: Im so addicted to Phil Collin song....You'll be in my heart.jiwang right...adoi!!!find in my samurai playlist for the song.enjoy.....lalala lets sing.....


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